System of view and download calculation

  1. The algorithm for the calculation of the visualisations and/or downloads is run daily.
  2. The algorithm considers the hits (= accesses to a page) that are made daily between 0:00 a.m. and 11:55 p.m. and groups them according to:
    • - page,
    • - visualisation time,
    • - user’s IP (anonymized by using an hash function).
  3. The visualisation/download counters of every editorial content are incremented by one for each of the formed groups.
  4. This method prevents multiple hits made by the same IP in a pre-established lapse of time from being counted.
  5. When an IP made the access to a content for a number of times that is higher than the pre-stablished threshold, it is recorded as anomalous and excluded from future counts for every content.
  6. Filters that exclude all the publishing house’s and its consultants’ IP terminals have been added.

Views and downloads are counted starting from September 2018 and regard only the accesses to this website