1. Where to publish

Publish your research

You can find, within our catalogue, the most suitable series for publishing the monograph you have designed or produced as part of your research activity.

The ECF catalogue offers opportunities for publication in many disciplinary fields, in widely distributed and indexed series. All our series are edited under the supervision of a dedicated Scientific Direction, which has the task of evaluating the scientific and editorial quality of the proposals and assigning the preliminary evaluation to reviewers qualified in the international context.

Proceed to the next steps and use the form available in point 4. Submit a proposal to submit your project or your manuscript to the series of your choice. You will then be contacted by the Scientific Direction, which will inform you about the publication process.

Find the right series for your essay

The ECF series publish numerous edited books in which the essays of individual authors in very specific thematic fields are collected. You can then identify, within the catalogue, the series that host these edited books and that are open to receive and evaluate proposals for contributions to be included in them.

It is particularly effective to have an idea of the series in which you want to publish your research before writing your text. Choosing the series before starting to write means that you can adapt your work based on existing publications. This can help the Scientific Direction to see your text as a contribution to the ‘conversation’ already in progress, to refute, confirm or review it. You will also find that many series only accept specific text formats and may have word limits and other restrictions. You can browse our book series by subject area here.