8. Promoting of your work

On a personal level With third parties
Share Share the link of the publication with friends and colleagues via email, post it on your social media or personal website. You can also share and deposit your link on institutional archives, such as IRIS. It is extremely important to share the link to the publication on academic collaboration networks such as Academia.edu (or ResearchGate).
Email Add a link to your email signature and ask your co-authors to do the same. Identify relevant newsletters from your institution or company that may be willing to include a presentation of or quote from your article.

Publish your article and its link on your social media accounts. You can post it once a day on Facebook and Linkedin, and even several times a day on Twitter. Avoid overly technical jargon and summarise your research in a sentence or two that even people who are not subject matter experts can understand.

Make sure you follow all the conversations within your research field on social media (Twitter is particularly suitable for this purpose), and you contribute whenever it is useful and appropriate.

Include hashtags your target audience is using by doing a little Twitter research beforehand to find the best ones to use. This will make your tweet part of a larger conversation, which means you could reach an even larger audience for your research. If you are attending a conference, use the conference hashtag (for example #OpenAccess) to discuss ideas raised during the conference, as well as to make connections during and after.

Ask your institution or department to publish your article or share your post.

Interact with other accounts relevant to your subject area and, if appropriate, talk about your research.

Blog If you have a blog, publish your article within it.

Find blogs of your field and interact with them.

Consider asking for a post to be published as a guest.


Update your online profiles (website and social accounts) to include a link to your article.

If you have your data hosted in a thematic or institutional repository, be sure to update it with a link to the article you have just published.

Find a Wikipedia page relevant to your search and add a reference to your article.

Conferences Attending a conference and presenting your work can help make it known to other researchers.