Series | Antiquity Studies
Volume 36 | Edited book | Wisdom Between East and West: Mesopotamia, Greece and Beyond

Wisdom Between East and West: Mesopotamia, Greece and Beyond

open access | peer reviewed
    edited by
  • Francesco Sironi - Università degli Studi di Milano, Italia - email
  • Maurizio Viano - Università degli Studi di Torino, Italia - email

The volume publishes the proceeding of the workshop Wisdom Between East and West: Mesopotamia, Greece and Beyond held at the University of Turin on 26-27 October 2022. The volume collects papers from Assyriologists, Classicists and Biblical scholars around the topic of wisdom. Scholars have investigated wisdom from various angles, from speculative thought to literature, from science, to dance, to proverbs.

Keywords KingshipEpistemologyAnalogical reasoningEpistemeAncient GreecePerianderScholarly text compilationSatireMagical medicineScientiaDialogue and debateNear Eastern languages and culturesCuneiform worldGreek literatureHellenistic JerusalemBabylonian Wisdom LiteratureMythSumerianSumerian proverbsWisdom traditionsGorgoNarrative DancesThe Babylonian TheodicyHittitesRational medicineScribal educationMorality taleSophiaProverbsNēmequEpicsPerformanceBabylonian literatureAshurbanipalAncient GreekTruthParodyFalsehoodDialectics in Assyro-Babylonian textsDanceHellenistic UrukBabylonian TheodicyCult FestivalsHeritageReligious medicineEgyptian medicineThe Book of QoheleEpic poetryScienceWisdom Literature of the Eastern Mediterranean basWisdomScribalismFolktaleHesiodPolycratesPhilosophyRoyal legislationTraditionAudienceGilgameshAstronomyLawPoetryBull-LeapingThe Epic of GilgamešNarrative ironyClassical studiesTupšarrūtuBiblical studiesScribal schoolHerodotusJotham’s FableMesopotamian literatureGreek medicineErra and IšumHomerWisdom literatureFemale advisorsAssyriologyMesopotamia

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