2. Write and submit your proposal

Try to understand what the editors of the target journal might be interested in or outline your project according to the characteristics described in the Call for Papers that are periodically issued. Knowing the journal’s expectations, you can write your article aiming to meet those criteria. Study the journal by reading a selection of articles already published to see how they are structured and try to stick to similar parameters. It is important to:

  1. keep in mind the article’s aims;
  2. identify your reading public and adapt the tone on the basis of:
    • the type of individuals you are addressing, for example other researchers for whom a more technical vocabulary for subject matter experts will be appropriate, or policy makers and a general public, for whom a simpler and more accessible language will be needed;
    • the journal in which your article will be published;
  3. always be aware of the existing research and insert your article within that context to frame and develop your thesis;
  4. always write the name of the author of the works and research you cite and their titles. Plagiarism can damage both your reputation and that of the journal;
  5. express your ideas by sticking to a clear and logically developed structure within the sections, to facilitate reading and understanding;
  6. write in an accessible and concise manner, respecting the journal’s word limit;
  7. write your introduction and conclusion at the end when you have a clear idea of the key messages you want to convey;
  8. be original and bring out your point of view;
  9. write the acknowledgements. List those who cannot be considered co-authors but who contributed intellectually, financially or otherwise to your research.

Use this form to submit your proposal by attaching a preliminary version, partial or complete, of your article. Select the desired journal from the appropriate drop-down list and fill in all fields.

Evaluation, adaptation to the Editorial guidelines and peer review process

The Scientific Direction will receive your proposal and will inform you if it has been accepted or not in the journal. If so, you will receive an email containing the instructions for accessing the publishing platform, in which you can upload the final and fully compliant version of the text, which will be peer-reviewed.

If the peer review is successful, and based on the decisions of the Scientific Direction, your paper will be published.