3. Editorial guidelines

Key information

The correct use of the Editorial Guidelines document does not depend on its integral reading and assimilation. It must be used as an analytical repertoire of all the elements that make up the text and the forms that each one will have to assume. You will find descriptions and examples on the use of punctuation, on the formatting of titles, bibliographic references, sources (bibliographic or archival, etc.), footnotes, captions, etc.

Variations or specific additions to the general guidelines are reported in the Info area of the journals.

Each document shall include:

  • an abstract in English (whose length has to be no more than 650 characters spaces included);
  • no less than five keywords in English;
  • a bibliography.
  • DOI: to ensure compliance with the ‘Reference Linking’ practice required by Crossref, the bibliography must contain the DOIs of the cited sources (in the form https://doi.org/10.xxxx/xxxxx) that the Author can find on the https page: https://search.crossref.org/search/references.

For more information, please contact the editorial staff of ECF at the address ecf@unive.it.


It is possible to consult and download the editorial guidelines in the Italian and English versions.

N.B.: specific guidelines – which enrich or modify the general rules – are adopted by some journals. They can be consulted on the journals’ homepages, in the "Guidelines" section.

Non-textual contents

In case of graphic elements such as:

  1. images: high resolution files are required for the paper edition (min. 300 dpi on 14 cm base). The images must always be accompanied by a caption showing the subject, the author, the year, the source;
  2. graphs: they must be standardised using ECF fonts, or produced using the methods indicated, case by case, by the Editorial Staff.

The publication of images can only take place subject to the release signed by the Author. The form can be downloaded under the heading ‘Copyright and licences’ and must be sent to ECF signed before the beginning of the editing of the text.